Just ‘Just’

by Rebecca J Gerken

Half a year ago, upon the subject of deciding just what my blog should be about, what it should be called and how it should be written, I would groan and complain that I couldn’t possibly know what to write about as I had no idea what kind of photographer I wanted to be and had no plan for leaving university after my final year. My grades dipped a little in the second year but excellent parents, housemates and friends make me feel like I can achieve anything this year, my third year, providing I want it and having a blog shouldn’t be a chore.


Sitting in one of my lectures, I heard someone say something along the lines of ‘’just’ is a belittling word.’ It may not have been the exact phrase, but that is what planted it’s firm feet into my mind and it hasn’t walked out on me since. I had my title.


For as long as I can remember, I have loved to write and more recently I have discovered my true hunger learning, researching and taking in as much information as I can until I am in dire need of some sleep (or food) that is now leading towards concentrating more and more on all things photographic. When writing academically, quotations (alongside all of that blasted referencing) are an integral part of a well-rounded piece so I thought about perhaps bringing a quotation aspect into my blog. Upon thinking about quotes and clichés, ‘write what you know’ sprung into my head. It was here I decided I wouldn’t strictly write what I know, but what I want to know.


A blog gives me a better reason for reading, looking, listening and practising in the medium of photography, making a comment to encourage other people’s brains to tick, whether that is purely my family, my friends, peers, colleagues or a stranger on the other side of the world.


“We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why.” ~ Stephen King